Fawa Community


Our group’ s scope i s i n some regi ons i n Aceh where potenti al  natural  di saster (Geol ogy Insti tuti on Di scovery) exi sts. Our group’ s scope i s to make sure the women get the ri ght, the appropri ate treatment, and fai rness i n an emergency si tuati on (di saster). As one of the vul nerabl e regi ons i n Indonesi a, Aceh i s prone to di saster l i ke tsunami , earthquake, fl ood, l andsl i de and other natural  di sasters causi ng evacuati on, or even vi cti ms. Evacuati on process i s hecti c i n whi ch i ndi vi dual s are taki ng care of hi m/hersel f, therefore i t i s unavoi dabl y that women’ s ri ght negl ected when such condi ti on exi sts. In addi ti on, some faci l i ti es such as heal th and educati on, or even other ai ds are l ess pri ori ti zed for women due to l ess attenti on to women ri ght once natural  di saster takes pl ace, those focused on di spl acement or patri archy system i n the area. Al so, the unequal  di stri buti on of ai ds whi ch i mpacts on women’ s ri ght. Based on the fact di scussed above, we pl an to eval uate both the ai ds and women, observe i ts di stri buti on, and advocate the ai d di stri butors. Hence, we try to bui l d communi cati on wi th vi l l age counci l , conduct consul tati on among women, and i mpl ement equal  ai d di stri buti on. To do that, we are goi ng to do partnershi p wi th soci al  affai r, l ocal  di saster management agency, and Indonesi an red cross to ensure faci l i ti es meant for women duri ng di saster are avai l abl e. For a l ong term program, soci al i zati on wi l l  be made avai l abl e for young women ai mi ng at provi di ng the ri ghts among


Request information on this community can be sent to fawacommunity@gmail.com